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Banana Bread Bonanza: Denver’s Top 5 Must-Try Spots!

Denver is a city that prides itself on its food scene, and one of the most popular baked goods in town is banana bread.

Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast or a sweet treat to enjoy with coffee, there are plenty of places to find this delicious bread.

What makes banana bread so special in Denver? Perhaps it's the city's love of all things local and sustainable. Many bakeries in town source their ingredients from nearby farms and use organic, non-GMO produce.

This means that the bananas used in the bread are often fresh and flavorful, giving the bread a unique taste that's hard to find elsewhere.

Another reason why banana bread is so beloved in Denver is its versatility. Some bakeries serve it as-is, while others add nuts, chocolate chips, or other ingredients to make it even more delicious.

Whether you prefer your banana bread plain or with a twist, there's a bakery in Denver that can deliver.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best places in Denver to find banana bread.

From classic recipes to new twists on an old favorite, there's something for everyone in this city. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to discover the best banana bread in Denver.

1. Reunion Bakery

Reunion Bakery
3350 Brighton Blvd #140, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

Reunion Bakery is a must-visit for banana bread lovers. This artisan bakery specializes in serving high-quality bread, pastries, and snacks, along with fancy cakes and coffees.

Their vegan banana bread is a standout item on the menu, with a moist and flavorful texture that will leave you craving for more.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their products, making the ordering process a breeze.

The bakery's ambiance is cozy and inviting, perfect for a quick breakfast or a leisurely afternoon snack. If you're in the mood for some delicious banana bread, Reunion Bakery is the place to be.

2. Devil's Food Bakery

Devil's Food Bakery
1004 S Gaylord St, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

If you're looking for delicious banana bread, Devil's Food Bakery is the place to go.

This bakery offers a wide variety of baked goods, including croissants, muffins, and cookies.

The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with friendly staff and a quaint decor. The banana bread is moist, flavorful, and perfectly baked.

It's the perfect treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea. Don't miss out on this bakery if you're in the area.

3. Miss Molly's Bakery

Miss Molly's Bakery
2600 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Miss Molly's Bakery is a must-visit for banana bread lovers. Their fluffy and moist banana bread is simply amazing.

The bakery also offers a wide range of other delectable sweets, including the best carrot cake in town and heavenly lemon-custard pastries.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to help you choose the perfect treat.

The bakery is clean and well-maintained, making it a lovely spot to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with your banana bread. If you're looking for a sugar fix, Miss Molly's Bakery is the place to go!

4. Gateaux

1160 Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Gateaux is a charming bakery that offers a wide variety of pastries, cakes, and desserts.

Their banana bread is a must-try, as it is moist and flavorful without being overly sweet.

The bakery is also known for their beautifully decorated custom cakes, which are perfect for special occasions.

The staff is friendly and provides excellent customer service. If you are a fan of delicious baked goods, Gateaux is definitely worth a visit.

5. Make Believe Bakery

Make Believe Bakery
214 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Make Believe Bakery is a small vegan bakery that specializes in gluten-free treats. They offer a range of vegan and gluten-free breads, cookies, and cakes.

Their banana bread is a must-try for anyone who loves this classic baked good. It's moist and flavorful, and you won't even miss the eggs or dairy.

The bakery also serves vegan soft-serve ice cream, which is a perfect accompaniment to the banana bread. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the bakery has a cozy atmosphere that makes it a great place to relax and enjoy a sweet treat.

Whether you're vegan or just looking for a delicious banana bread, Make Believe Bakery is definitely worth a visit.