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Dough-n’t Miss Out: The 9 Best Spots for Sourdough in Denver!

Sourdough bread is a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. It's a simple yet delicious bread made with flour, water, and a sourdough starter.

In Denver, there are a plethora of bakeries and restaurants that offer sourdough bread. But, where can you find the best sourdough bread in Denver?

Denver is a city that prides itself on its local food scene. From farm-to-table restaurants to artisanal bakeries, there's no shortage of options when it comes to finding good food.

And, when it comes to sourdough bread, Denver has some of the most talented bakers in the country. It's no surprise that locals and visitors alike are always on the hunt for the best sourdough bread in the city.

When it comes to finding the best sourdough bread in Denver, there are a few things to consider. First, the quality of the ingredients used in the bread. Second, the baking process and technique used by the baker. And third, the overall taste and texture of the bread.

Keeping these factors in mind, we've scoured Denver to find the top places for sourdough bread. Whether you're a sourdough bread enthusiast or just looking for a tasty loaf to enjoy, we've got you covered. So, grab a cup of coffee and let's explore the best places for sourdough bread in Denver.

1. Bakery Four

Bakery Four
4150 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212 (Google Maps)

Bakery Four is a must-visit for any sourdough bread lover. The bakery offers a mouth-watering selection of freshly baked bread, croissants, and pastries that are sure to satisfy any craving.

The lines can be long, but the wait is worth it. The customer service is excellent, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

The bakery has a great system in place to handle the crowds, and the menu changes regularly, so there's always something new to try.

If you're in the area, be sure to stop by Bakery Four for a taste of their delicious sourdough bread and other baked treats.

2. Hearth

2500 Lawrence St #200, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Hearth is a must-visit for sourdough bread lovers.

This charming bakery and coffee shop offers a delicious selection of sourdough and olive sourdough bread.

The friendly staff is always ready to help and serve you the freshest baked goods.

The coffee and pastries are also highly recommended. Don't miss out on this hidden gem.

3. Leven Deli Co

Leven Deli Co
123 W 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Leven Deli Co is a must-visit place for sourdough bread lovers. The bakery-restaurant-cafe offers a variety of delicious vegetarian options and classic deli sandwiches.

The homemade rye bread and Jewish-approved pastrami are exceptional.

The staff is friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is pleasant. The outdoor seating is perfect for enjoying the weather while feeling safe.

Leven Deli Co is worth the visit for anyone looking for a tasty and healthy meal in a hip setting with cocktails and a wine list.

4. LoDough Bakery

Lodough Bakery
1850 Wazee St #150, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

LoDough Bakery is a must-visit place for sourdough bread lovers. The bakery offers a wide variety of baked goods, including pastries and challah.

The sourdough bread has an amazing texture and taste. It's nicely sour, but could be even more so for some.

The strawberry rhubarb 'bobtart' is a sweet treat that's worth trying. The bakery has a friendly atmosphere and the staff is welcoming.

If you're in the area, make sure to stop by and try their delicious baked goods.

5. Big Raven Bread

Big Raven Bread
3220 Clayton St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Big Raven Bread is a home bakery that specializes in sourdough bread, focaccia, and cookies.

The proprietor, Abby, is a fantastic baker who puts a lot of love into her baked goods. The whole wheat sourdough loaf is freshly-baked and incredibly delicious.

The chocolate chip cookies are also noteworthy. Customers can conveniently pick up their orders at the front door.

In short, Big Raven Bread is an incredible bakery that is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for the best sourdough bread, focaccia, and cookies around.

6. Rebel Bread

Rebel Bread
675 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Rebel Bread is a must-visit bakery for anyone who loves sourdough bread.

Their naturally leavened dough is fermented overnight, resulting in delicious bread that is easy to digest. They also offer a variety of pastries that are equally impressive.

The bagels and ciabatta bread are particularly noteworthy. The staff is friendly and the bakery is conveniently located.

If you're in the area, make sure to stop by and try their exceptional baked goods.

7. The Cottage Baker

The Cottage Baker
3857 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

The Cottage Baker is a fantastic bakery that specializes in sourdough bread.

Their bread is always fresh and delicious, making it a must-visit for bread lovers.

While there might be a bit of a wait on weekends, the taste of their bread is worth it.

If you're in the mood for some amazing sourdough bread, The Cottage Baker is definitely worth checking out.

8. Good Bread Denver

Good Bread Denver
1515 Madison St, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Looking for a bakery that serves exceptional sourdough bread in Denver, Colorado, look no further than Good Bread Denver.

This bakery offers a wide variety of pastries, bagels, cookies, and muffins that are simply delicious.

The sourdough bread is fresh and flavorful, and the almond croissant and ham and gruyere pastry are a must-try.

The bakery also has a great selection of coffee to pair with your baked goods. Good Bread Denver is definitely a place that bread lovers should check out.

9. La Fillette Bakery

La Fillette Bakery
6217 E 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80220 (Google Maps)

La Fillette Bakery is a must-visit for sourdough bread enthusiasts.

Their perfectly laminated croissants have a slightly crisp shell that is hard to resist.

The almond croissant is a must-try and the BLT croissant sandwich is a savory delight.

The bakery has limited seating, but their baked goods are worth the visit. La Fillette Bakery is definitely one of the best French bakeries in town.