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Acai-mazing: Top 14 Spots for Delicious Bowls in Denver!

Denver is a city that is known for its bustling food scene, and acai bowls are a popular choice for health-conscious locals and visitors alike. These bowls typically consist of acai berries blended with other fruits, topped with granola, nuts, and various toppings.

With the increasing demand for these refreshing and nutritious bowls, many cafes and restaurants in Denver have started to include them on their menus.

If you're a fan of acai bowls or you're looking to try one for the first time, you're in luck. The city has a wide range of options, from cozy cafes to trendy juice bars.

Whether you prefer a classic acai bowl or one with a unique twist, there's something for everyone in Denver.

In this blog post, we'll be exploring some of the best places to get acai bowls in Denver. We've scoured the city to find the most delicious and satisfying bowls, from the classic acai blend to ones mixed with superfoods like spirulina and matcha.

So, sit back, grab a spoon, and get ready to discover some of the tastiest acai bowls in Denver!

1. Kochi Cafe

Kochi Cafe
4100 E 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80220 (Google Maps)

Kochi Cafe is a charming coffee and tea shop that also serves tasty acai bowls. The cafe has a cozy atmosphere with local art on display.

They offer a variety of gluten-free pastries and plant-based milk options for their drinks.

The staff is friendly and the Wi-Fi is reliable, making it a great spot to work or catch up with friends.

The cafe is also female and BIPOC owned, making it a great place to support small businesses.

2. Campo Juice + Kitchen

Campo Juice + Kitchen
3450 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Located in the heart of the city, Campo Juice + Kitchen is a must-visit for acai bowl lovers.

Their bowls are not only delicious but also healthy and generously portioned.

The friendly staff and locally sourced ingredients make the experience even better.

The restaurant also offers a variety of pressed juices and smoothies that are perfect for a hot summer day. Don't miss out on this gem!

3. The Corner Beet

The Corner Beet
1401 Ogden St, Denver, CO 80218 (Google Maps)

The Corner Beet is a vegetarian cafe that offers delicious acai bowls. The menu has a great selection of vegetarian and vegan options, including gluten-free choices.

The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

The staff is friendly and helpful. The prices are a bit high, but the quality of the food justifies the cost.

The acai bowls are fresh and flavorful, and the portions are generous. The Corner Beet is a great place to grab a healthy and satisfying breakfast or lunch.

4. Natuur

3712 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Natuur is a health food restaurant that serves some of the best acai bowls in Denver.

The bowls are fresh, healthy, and come with fun add-on options.

The staff is friendly and the vibe of the place is cool. The only downside is that there is no indoor seating.

Nonetheless, it's a great spot for a quick, fresh, and healthy breakfast.

5. Sunny's

2339 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Sunny's is a popular breakfast spot with a sustainable focus.

Their acai bowls are a must-try, and the portions are generous. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is cozy.

Be prepared for a wait on weekends, but it's worth it. The menu features imaginative breakfast options made from scratch.

If you're looking for a local spot with healthy choices, Sunny's is a great choice.

6. Fruitarian Cafe

Fruitarian Cafe
6121 Washington St C, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

Fruitarian Cafe is a vegan restaurant that serves super delicious fast food style vegan food.

They specialize in acai bowls that are a must-try for anyone looking for a healthy and refreshing snack. The service is fantastic and the staff is friendly, making for a great dining experience.

What sets Fruitarian Cafe apart from other vegan places in the city is that it is open late, making it the perfect spot for a late-night snack.

Whether you're a vegan or not, Fruitarian Cafe is definitely worth checking out if you're in the mood for some delicious and healthy food.

7. Queensberry Coffee

Queensberry Coffee
3408 Navajo St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Looking for a place to enjoy a delicious acai bowl in a trendy atmosphere with great coffee and food options to match?

Queensberry Coffee is the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings.

With carefully sourced ingredients and a focus on presentation, their acai bowls are a must-try.

The cozy vibes and friendly staff make it an ideal spot to relax and indulge in a healthy treat.

Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast or a mid-day snack, Queensberry Coffee has got you covered.

8. Rush Bowls

Rush Bowls
1665 Central St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Rush Bowls offers a wide variety of delicious and healthy smoothie bowls that are perfect for breakfast or a mid-day snack.

The friendly staff is always ready to help you choose from their extensive menu, which includes many different types of smoothie bowls and add-ins.

Although the prices for toppings can be a bit high, the portion sizes are generous and the quality of the food is excellent.

With limited seating inside, it's best to enjoy your smoothie bowl on their beautiful patio overlooking the city. Rush Bowls is a great spot for anyone looking for a healthy and satisfying meal.

9. Whole Sol Blend Bar

Whole Sol Blend Bar
1735 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Looking for a fresh and healthy acai bowl in town, look no further than Whole Sol Blend Bar.

With a great selection of cold and hot bowls, and a variety of ways to tweak and upgrade your bowl, this place is a must-visit for health-conscious foodies.

The staff is friendly, and the menu is filled with other healthy options like truffle avocado toast and vegan breakfast sandwiches.

Don't forget to try their seasonal menu options and gluten-free choices. So, head to Whole Sol Blend Bar and indulge in some delicious and healthy treats.

10. Kaffe Landskap

Kaffe Landskap
1750 Wewatta St UNIT 170, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Kaffe Landskap is a cozy cafe that serves delicious acai bowls. The open and airy environment is perfect for a quick lunch, brunch or merienda.

The menu includes a unique selection of pastries, vegan burgers, chicken kale pesto sandwiches, and smoked trout salads.

The coffee is bold and delicious, and the tea selection is great too. The staff is friendly and efficient, making it a great spot for a quick coffee break or brief work visit.

The prices are fair, and the quality is consistently good. Highly recommended for those looking for a healthy and tasty meal.

11. Clean Juice

Clean Juice
180 Steele St, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Clean Juice is the perfect place for anyone looking for a healthy and delicious acai bowl.

Their ingredients are always fresh and organic, ensuring that customers get the best quality products. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, making ordering a breeze.

Clean Juice also offers a variety of other options, including smoothies, juices, and salads, all of which are equally delicious.

The menu is extensive, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a health-conscious eater or just looking for a tasty treat, Clean Juice is definitely worth a visit.

12. Superfruit Republic – Broadway

Superfruit Republic - Broadway
1776 Broadway #115, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Superfruit Republic – Broadway is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious and healthy meal.

The acai bowls are packed with flavor and come with a variety of toppings to choose from. The staff is friendly and provides great customer service.

The atmosphere is clean and welcoming, making it a great spot to enjoy a meal. Prices are reasonable, making it a great value for the quality of food.

Whether you're a vegan or not, you'll find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. Don't miss out on this gem of a spot for acai bowls.

13. Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls
99 S Broadway Suite 115, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Looking for a healthy and delicious snack option that won't break the bank or your diet plan, Playa Bowls is the perfect choice.

This health food restaurant offers a variety of acai bowls that are fresh, flavorful, and packed with nutrients.

The friendly staff is always willing to help you find the perfect bowl for your taste buds, and the service is fast and efficient.

Whether you're looking for a quick snack before a workout or a refreshing treat on a hot day, Playa Bowls has got you covered.

14. LoHi Eats

Lohi Eats
2550 15th St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

LoHi Eats is a must-visit place for acai bowl lovers. The locally-owned restaurant offers fresh and healthy breakfast options that are perfect for a quick bite.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is quaint and relaxing.

They have a large selection of nutritious foods and drinks, including fully customized acai bowls with fresh fruit, nuts, and protein options.

The nitro cold brew coffee is strong and frothy, and the smoothies are delicious. Prices are reasonable, and the portions are big. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a healthy and tasty breakfast option.